Thursday, April 18, 2013


This past weekend we went to the big city so I could do a triathlon. I wasn't very well trained, but I consider entering these competitions as a great way to stay motivated to keep exercising. Here the kids help me do a little warm up before the race. This triathlon was in reverse, with the run, then bike, then swim in an indoor swimming pool. I really like the order, as it's much easier to take shoes and socks off than put them on wet feet!
Here I am on the red carpet! Probably my only red carpet! I have just finished the bike (which was great!) and on to the swim. I finished a minute faster than last year, which made me very, very happy. I'm attributing the better time to a better diet. 

Not long after we got back home we had a huge snow storm. Two big limbs broke off our apricot tree.

 It was time to pull out some of the snow gear and have a big snowball fight at the bus stop!

 The snow-covered mountains (and valleys, for a time) give us some much needed moisture. We're only about 50% of median as of April 1, meaning that for the driest state in the nation, we are extra dry. We only get about 6-7 inches of precip in the valley (Chicago gets about 33 inches), so half of that amount doesn't leave us with much. Even though we're ready for warmer weather, we'll take the moisture any way we can get it. (For more about our water outlook, see this post I did).
 The storm clouds rolling through have been fantastic. I feel like I should be outside all day trying to get the best photo.

In the evenings have been rehearsals for our tap dance group. We are performing this Saturday. Wow, tap dance out in the middle of the Great Basin Desert. You never know what you might find!

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The Incredible Woody said...

I love that you are part of a tap dance group! How fun!!

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