Monday, April 1, 2013

Lessons Learned

The kids and I are back from a spring break trip to Death Valley and other parts. We were all glad for a change of scenery, and my travel itch is satisfied (for awhile!).  I'll have several posts of fun desert destinations coming soon.

With about 1100 miles added to the truck, here are a few lessons learned from this trip:

1. Ten bandaids is not enough for five days with two kids who like bandaids a lot. Even though we have a "no blood, no bandaid" rule.

2. Bribes work. Even a bribe like "be good for the next three hours of driving across seven mountain ranges (no kidding!) and you will get ice cream."

3. Take advantage of willing people to play with your kids, especially if that gives you a few minutes to relax.

4. But if your son suddenly starts crying because his new best friends have just left (and he doesn't know their names, but thinks one of them might be called Bacon Boy), then it's probably time to do something else.

5. If you have a preschooler who isn't quite potty trained at night, don't believe her when she tells you at night in the tent that she doesn't need a diaper.

6. Don't sleep in the low spot of the tent. Just in case aforementioned preschooler who really should have a diaper doesn't have a diaper.

7. Consider the rain as a convenient way to clean gear that might just be a wee bit stinky.

I'm sure I will think of a few more as I go through about 1,000 photos that I took. Yep, we had some good times.


Anonymous said...

#6... ewww


John Mosley said...

Our daughter was 3 1/2 when we headed your way years ago. There was a barfing in the tent in the dark of night. It's amazing just how small a tent is under those conditions.

There is a certain bliss ignorance adds to any endeavor.

Tara said...

What an ambitious trip! Looking forward to reading more about it.

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