Saturday, February 16, 2013

Signs of Spring

While we might not have turkey vultures migrating through, we do have some signs of springs. First off, it's so much warmer than it has been, so that we are actually willing to venture out of the house and go look for those signs! Hurray! The house sparrow (above) had grass, a clear sign that it's building a nest. It won't be long till we have more of this non-native species in the area.

 The house sparrow isn't the only one taking to the air--it's time to get the spray plane out of the hangar and get it ready to go. Cheatgrass is already greening up, and it won't be long till the other plants follow.

 My favorite sign of spring I saw today:
 Mud puddles! Desert Girl was prepared, wearing her rain boots (aka irrigating boots, but hers are just too pretty for me to feel comfortable calling them irrigating boots!). She had accessorized herself with some red beads, and they sure did jiggle as she jumped and jumped and jumped in the mud puddles.

Life is good when you can jump in your own mud puddle.

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