Thursday, February 7, 2013

Desert Girl's Birthday

Desert Girl recently turned 3, which to her means that she is now a big girl. To me, that means it is time to be toilet trained! So diapers are out the window (so to speak) and Desert Girl is using the toilet like a big girl. This tactic worked with Desert Boy amazingly well, and is going well so far with Desert Girl. 

But back to the birthday. We decided to have two celebrations. One for kids in the local gym so they could run around and have fun, and a family gathering later in the day after my husband was done with work. 

I took a bunch of dress up clothes to the gym, and the kids had fun trying on different outfits.

 It was hard to get them to stand still for long!

We played some bean bag toss and the kids switched outfits and ran around (at least the younger ones. The bigger ones were doing something in the corner!)

 Then we tried the balloon race, with each kid squeezing a balloon between his or her knees.

 Desert Girl needed a little help.

 Next it was time for the piƱata--one of my kids' favorites! My husband thinks it should be banned from our town, as many a kid has nearly got whacked--and a few have got whacked--by the pinata stick. Nevertheless, I don't think it's going away anytime soon.

 I brought some healthy food, which disappeared quickly, I think mainly because the kids liked eating with toothpicks.

Then came the blowing out candles part. Desert Girl seems to have a hard time aiming her breath.

Nevertheless, she eventually succeeded!

 In the evening she had some fun with one of her uncles.

 She was also ready to blow out more candles!

 She blew them out so fast I hardly had time for a photo!

It was a relaxing time with family, and Desert Boy even had us all playing an alphabet game.

 Desert Girl was delighted with a new princess skirt. Oh my, it is hard not to catch her enthusiasm!

 Brothers hanging out.
 There is such joy at a little kids' birthday party. It is so precious to witness. I try to take lots of photos, because I know that those teenage years aren't all that far away! Happy Birthday, Desert Girl!

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phil said...

there only seems to be one brother that has any hair left.

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