Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's harvest time, at least for some of the fruit. Our big apricot tree was full of ripe apricots the last week of June. It's always the first to produce and the apricots are wonderfully sweet. We ate them straight off the tree (or the ground--we couldn't reach most of them in the tree), gave them away to friends and family, dried them, made jam, and canned some. Yum.

Right now, the apricot tree in the backyard has apricots. I've never seen it with so many, and they are also delicious. I have to admit that I'm a little tired of apricots now! I also found that if I eat too many, I get a rash on my palms.
The kids and a friend tried selling some apricots at their lemonade stand. Desert Boy came up with the idea, and he learned a little bit about how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur. He also doesn't have much of a concept of money, except that he likes it and needs it to play video games at the Border Inn. Desert Girl sampled the lemonade copiously, doing repeated quality-control testing.

In my fourth attempt to grow blueberries, I've finally succeeded! Of course it helped that the bush I bought this year already had green berries on it. I still managed to almost kill it. Fortunately some new leaves and berries are growing, and I'm looking for acidifier to make the bush even happier.

Are you harvesting any fruits?


Chanelle said...

I wish we had an apricot tree! My neighbor is a sweetheart and gives us a couple bowl fulls from her tree, but I'd love to can and freeze so much more.

And I planted blueberries for the first time this year and have a post coming soon about it. I got over a cup and a half from my bushes. LOVED it!

G. Robison said...

Coffee grounds and pine duff are great soil acidifiers, IIRC. I KNOW you have access to unlimited pine duff, lol.

John Mosley said...

Are you sure he was playing video games at the Border Inn? There are other expensive machines in there that will eat up quarters. Those "grown-up video games" can get expensive for those that don't understand statistics.

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