Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Bike Rider

 Desert Girl recently showed that she could pedal her bike. I had adjusted the training wheels so that she could spin freely, and once that was easy, I lowered them. We decided it was time to head to the post office, which has a paved parking lot on a slight downhill, making it an excellent training venue. Unfortunately, within two minutes, she turned her handlebars too sharply and crashed. This wasn't what she had bargained for. But Desert Girl is tough, and after I promised her a bandaid, she got back on her bike and was ready for more.

 She has a determined gleam in her eye.

 She can pedal two or three times and then she forgets to keep pedaling.

 Fortunately the twine on the front of the bike makes it easy to give her a little tug and help her get started again.

 She's good for about ten minutes of bike riding and then that's enough. But she asks us every day if she can do more bike riding. I think she will be building up her biking muscles soon.

Britton was ready to help her immediately when we she rode the other night. She loves her bug helmet. I think the only other thing we need to add is a little horn--she pretends she's honking it and makes her own noise!

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jhami said...

Yeah! That's great! Cute pictures as always :)

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