Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter Bike Riding

 It's been such a mild winter that we've gotten in a fair bit of bike riding. Desert Boy can really roll.

 Since the only paved roads in town are state highways and we don't have any sidewalks, it's nice to have an option where we don't have to worry about traffic so much. (I really think a sidewalk/bike path from one end of town to the other would be awesome!)

 Desert Boy is often off-kilter and I wonder if he's going to manage to stay upright, but somehow he manages to pull it off. He's got a really good sense of balance.

 Even the mountains don't have much snow on them! I'm supposed to help with a snow survey tomorrow, and we'll measure just how much snow there is.

Desert Boy's learned that one extra item is useful for winter riding: gloves. It might not be too cold, but it's cold enough to want a little protection!


~It's Just Me~ said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and absolutely love it. You have a wonderful blog style and a beautiful family. My family was just discussing how to find information on those two brighter lights along side the moon, when I discovered you had already addressed them. Thank you! ^ ^

Desert Survivor said...

It's Just Me--thanks for your comment! I appreciate it :)

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