Thursday, February 9, 2012

Totally Two

Desert Girl recently turned two, and although she didn't quite understand all the anticipation of a birthday, her big brother sure did. And Mom was excited about it, too, so we got to celebrate several times. The first was with cousins on our trip. Everyone was excited about the yummy chocolate cupcakes.

We made it back in time for an improptu birthday celebration at preschool.

I like how the boys are all working so diligently.

Desert Girl has that impish grin down pat!

Desert Girl pays good attention to her Teacher.

Later we had a family celebration at home where Desert Girl dressed up in a pretty new dress and ate more cake.

She's not only good at eating the cake, she's also good at wearing the cake!
We've already seen some early indications of how she's going to be as a two-year old. Fun times are ahead!


phil said...

these are the times that warm your heart as you grow older.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you celebrate big and little moments. Beautiful.

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