Sunday, April 17, 2011

Turkey Vultures

Although I've been having troubles photographing the little birds, the turkey vultures are coming to our yard frequently, especially in the late afternoon and evening.

Look alive! Or they might think you're carrion and come down for a nip. I guess it would help if you smelled really bad, too.

I don't think this vulture is appreciative of me taking photos of him.

The trees are starting to leaf out (at least the poplars and ashes; the catalpas are always the latest to get their leaves). The greenery will be a welcome sight, but they do make it harder to see the birds. Time to remember what all their songs are!

1 comment:

phil said...

they make our woods their nesting woods all summer. I spent a fortune on bottle rockets to get them to relocate. When there are 20 plus in one area they leave a real mess on the walk paths below.

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