Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Cricket

Note: If you are visiting this site from Britain or one of the commonwealths, do not expect to find a post about a game that is played in said areas. There will be no talk of wickets, tippy-go, slogging, or "last ball pending soup."

I have no idea what any of those mean.

I'm not sure that I will ever know what they mean.

Do you know what they mean? If you do, leave a comment so I can give you a virtual high five. And then we'll wonder why you know what you know.

Anyway, back to my garden cricket:
We've been busy in the garden, and there are no shortage of worms and crickets there. I think this is in the genus Gryllus, the field crickets. The Bugguide website can help you identify insects, although it helps if you have a little background in entomology to get started there. (And seriously, I mean little. I've never had an entomology class, but I'm starting to figure it out. Not just identification, either. Insects are exciting. And there are so many left to discover and name!)

I thought I'd let Desert Girl get a closer look. She was quite interested, runny nose and all. (Fortunately the runny nose is gone now. That was a constant companion for over a month this winter.)

"Aw, mom, you shouldn't give me such a yummy treat to eat!"

If you're worried, no, she didn't try to eat it. But a couple nights later we had a cricket in the kitchen, and she chased it all over for a good ten minutes, catching it and then losing it. Eventually the little cricket lost in the battle with Emzilla. So we dipped it in chocolate and ate it.

Or did we?

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g said...

Actually the Cajun crickets that we sampled in New Orleans were the tastiest!

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