Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Snowy Train Ride

We headed to the East Ely Depot on a cold, snowy Saturday morning to ride the train. It was the annual food train, where you donate food and then get to ride the train. The bad weather deterred some people from riding the train, but we just added extra layers.

Desert Girl looked at her brother for guidance on this adventure. Desert Boy is an old hand at train rides. Well, at least for a three-year old.

Each train in the car had a wood stove in it, but it was still a little chilly. So I put Desert Girl in her warm oversuit.

Oh my goodness, can she get any more adorable? She garnered lots of attention from other train rides and the conductors.

She was pretty good at hamming it up.

Desert Boy enjoyed hamming it up, too.

He was in charge of the tickets.

It wasn't snowing much as we left the station and went on the tracks along the side of town. I wanted to get some different photos from the last time we took this route, last November. I think I mostly succeeded. Even though it was cloudy and cold last year, the views looked a bit different.

One thing I hadn't noticed last time were the city stables. Farm animals aren't allowed inside the city limits of Ely, so anyone who wants to have horses (or other large animals) can put them here.

We saw Dale at the train crossing, waving to everyone on the train. It was fun to wave back.

The Renaissance village was all decorated, and we hope we can visit sometime soon to enjoy the festivities there.

The passenger cars were also decorated in Christmas decor, which became obvious when we went through a tunnel and the little lights brightened the car.

Last time I wasn't fast enough to get a photo of the ore cars that were placed in the ravine to help stabilize the banks, but this time I got the shot I want.

The old West town looked forlorn in the snow. In fact, as we went up the canyon, it snowed harder and harder.

The fake cemetery has some amusing epitaphs.

It was a cold and snowy scene from the train.

Desert Boy really wanted to see the snow plow train, but it wasn't that snowy.

On the way back we amused ourselves with treats and photos.

Desert Boy even took a photo of Desert Girl and me that came out well.

It was a fun train ride, and we're already looking forward to our next excursion. The train holds many Polar Express rides during the next month that include visits to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. To find out more, check out the Nevada Northern website.


The Incredible Woody said...

Desert Boy is a budding photog:) The pic of Desert Girl with her eyes looking to the side is too precious!!

A said...

I would say, no, she can't get any cuter. But, on the other hand, I'm sure you'll post some pics soon of DG looking even cuter!

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