Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, it's such a fun holiday when you have an excuse to be a kid again. It's like a trip back to kindergarten and the dress-up corner with a chestful of wonderful costumes and accessories. You decide who you want to be for a moment in time and get all decked out. And then when you're tired of being that person or thing, you just take off the costume and go back to being yourself. Or try on another costume. And another. And another. (We had a big costume chest in kindergarten, I still remember it.)

The candy part of Halloween is like being a kid again, too. I ate so much candy as a kid. I can't eat so much anymore (thank goodness!), but every year at Halloween time my sugar intake increases. It's probably a good thing I live far from stores so I'm not even tempted by half-off candy the day after Halloween.

Emma looks like she has plenty to say about Halloween, too. She's talking about a lot of things these days. And she even says Mama. At least it sure sounds like Mama to me.

Another thing I enjoy about Halloween is the chance to be creative, so I picked up a pumpkin from the store and brought it home for the kids to enjoy. While I put away groceries, Desert Boy decorated the pumpkin with marker.

Then it was time to carve it. Desert Boy didn't remember last year's pumpkin innards and was a little grossed out by the hanging seeds. I encouraged him to touch them so he could feel the sliminess of it all.

Like most little boys, he thought it was pretty neat.

He had seen his friend Ava's pumpkin and the candle in it and couldn't wait to put a candle in his pumpkin. He waited with great anticipation as we found a candle and something to light it with. Then we had to turn off all the lights in the house to appreciate the glowing face.

I told him I wanted photos so we had to turn the lights back on, and he grudgingly agreed.

The glow on his face made the pumpkin worth every penny!

Hope you have a fun Halloween!
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