Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Fun-Part Deux

After a lovely evening in South Bend visiting friends, we got back on the train (insert extremely loud train whistle sound that Desert Boy makes frequently). We rode an hour and got off to meet my parents. They knew Desert Boy's penchant for trains, so we went to a train-themed cafe for lunch. It had four trains running overhead while we ate.

Afterwards we went outside to the restored caboose.

The interior is absolutely beautiful, and I was surprised how spacious it was.

Grandpa and Desert Boy sat at the table and talked about something. Maybe trains.

Grandma and Emma played.

Emma spent a lot of time sticking out her tongue because she had gotten her first tooth the night before, and I think she was trying to figure out what that sharp little thing in her mouth was.

While we were in the caboose, it started pouring. It was interesting how the sky just got dark and then the rain came. I'm used to the more dramatic desert storms, with the huge cumulonimbus clouds. I'm also used to being able to see the rain coming from a long way off. It was a little surprising how quickly it crept up on us.

Then we went to my hometown, and that night I got to go out with some friends. I think we could have kept talking all night long. It's so great to be able to just pick up where we left off, even though we hadn't seen each other in person in a couple of years. Thanks, ladies!

The next morning we were off again, to my brother and sister-in-law's house. Along the Interstate we saw a huge wind farm, stretching about ten miles long and wider than we could see.

The turning blades are a bit mesmerizing and probably something of a traffic hazard! They need to put up a sign that says "Wind mills ahead. Do not charge."

Sorry, I still remember Don Quixote from high school Spanish class.

Our first stop in Indianapolis was the Art Museum greenhouse. I especially liked the orchid room. It smelled heavenly, and the bright, beautiful flowers were gorgeous.

We met my sister-in-law and her two kids, and Desert Boy and Maria quickly had fun together.

They both had a lot of energy and were checking everything out.

The leaves on the trees were changing. Nature's art was definitely giving the displayed art a run for the money.

Desert Boy running.

Maria leading Grandpa.

And then a picnic. Desert Girl had fun trying to get to everyone's food.

The 100 Acres exhibit has scattered art works, and we took a walk to see some of them.

One of the kids' favorites were the benches. Or were they slides?

They were certainly a lot of fun.

The kids got worn out (and maybe the adults, too), and it was time to head back.

And what better way to end the day than three kids playing in the tub!?


The Incredible Woody said...

Love that tub photo! I am thankful for friends that let me pop in and out of their lives - like I was never gone:) Glad you had such a great visit!

jendoop said...

It's always great to go home, where ever that is.

It is fun how much our lives intersect through locations. We lived in Indiana for 7 years. They have a great art museum.

Looks like a wonderful trip!

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