Friday, June 18, 2010


One bright and early morning, I was doing a bird survey. I came across this strange marking in the dirt. It looked like something had Sniffed, Pawed, Urinated, and Defecated. What could it be?

The horned larks watched me, wondering why I was taking photos of poop.

I found some old dried out scat, with the same markings around them.

The meadowlark on the fence post continued singing its melodic song, ignoring my traipsing next to its perch.

The meadowlarks are fun to watch, with their big, chunky bodies. And you always know spring has arrived when they start singing.

I found some more scat next to a squat bush, with the same pawing marks nearby.

The yellow-headed blackbirds were amused by the extra entertainment.

And yet another SPUD. All were next to the field. Have you figured it out yet?

This yellow-headed blackbird watched the animals that made it. They like to go into the fields and get an easy meal.

Ah, some very fresh and moist scat.

If you're still reading this blog at this point, there might be something wrong with you. But probably you're better off than me, who actually thought this might be a fun post. Maybe I've been getting up too early too many mornings and have lost my marbles.

The Say's Phoebe watched me pass by.

Another SPUD. They're everywhere!

Nope, this bull had nothing to do with the SPUD. But I thought he was rather fierce and deserved his own photo.

Okay, time for your final guess, because here's the answer:
Pronghorn antelope bucks leave SPUD. They are territorial markings. And now your day has been enhanced by visiting this blog. Come back soon!


G. Robison said...

I was flummoxed! The digging part said "cat" to me, but the poop itself reminded me of deer.

Learn something new every day.....

reMark said...

This could have been a childrens book mystery! I thought deer on the first picture. Interesting Saturday morning read. Thanks for giving me the "scoop!"

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

You kept me guessing right till the end. Nice bird shots interspersed along the way.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

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