Friday, January 16, 2009

John Deere 45W Forklift

Desert Boy is always happy to join me on forays to the equipment yard because it means he can practice his driving skills. On this day, he took quite a liking to this old John Deere tractor with the 45W forklift attachment. The tractor appears to still be in pretty good shape despite a light coating of rust.

I imagine the tractor was used to move hay to help feed the cows. 

On the back axle it says Deere on one side. I imagine it says John on the other, but it's covered in grease and I didn't have a rag with me. That metal sure looks solid, doesn't it?

One of the reasons Desert Boy likes to drive the old tractors is they just have so many fun parts. Gear shifters, levers, indicators, knobs, a big steering wheel, and even something to rest his short legs on. It just doesn't get much better.

I tried to look this tractor up on the internet to get more information about it, but didn't have much luck. So I'll have to keep digging to uncover the past of this tractor and what it did. For some reason I always leave the equipment yard with unanswered questions.


Geleott said...

Do you worry about rattlers Gretchen?? Your son seems like he's very adventuresome and might one day encounter a snake...since you live so far from a big town. This might be a stupid question, but do you guys have medicine just in case??

Caroline said...

Another busy day of driving.
Life is good!!


Desert Survivor said...

Good question about the rattlesnakes--the answer will make a good blog post that you'll see soon!

Sujan Das said...

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