Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Fun

Desert Boy and I recently visited with family, including a bunch of uncles who were hoping to teach Desert Boy "bad" things. Now look at how sweet Desert Boy is in the photo above, riding on the shoulders of one of his uncles. Doesn't he look slightly angelic?

Then his uncles decide to twirl his brains on the merry-go-round, pushing it as fast as they could. They ended up dizzier than he did.

He got sent down the slide--upside down--into Grandma's waiting hands.

Then his uncle took him down to the creek to throw rocks and sit in mud.

So it's no wonder he looks a little zonked out in the swing, with his shoe missing. Next to him is his younger cousin. Apparently she is ready to imitate Desert Boy.

She's usually a wonderful, charming baby.

See how she grins while Desert Boy squirms?

And she coos while Desert Boy puts his finger in his mouth. At least it's not up his nose. But she doesn't have long until her uncles decide it's time to teach her "bad" things. I can hear them scheming now. 


Caroline said...

At least he has you to look out for him, thank goodness! Such bad influences those Uncles are. What will they think of next—pulling Henry’s tail???


The Incredible Woody said...

As an aunt, teaching bad things is one of my favorite past-times!

Geleott said...

Your blogging all these months has made me want to join least for the winter months while I have nothing else to

Sarah said...

Would you believe that she did pick up some new habits from that visit?

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