Monday, December 22, 2008

Desert Destination: Walking to the Cows

Desert Boy decided to take a trip. Only he headed out without me or his Daddy. Fortunately he had his faithful sidekick Henry with him. Where did Desert Boy want to go? To the cows. Where else?

As I zoomed in on Desert Boy, I noticed he was carrying something in each hand--a white shoe in his left hand a pencil in his right hand. Useful things to have when you head out for a hike through the pasture.

I think Desert Boy would have kept going, but I called him back. He took a few more steps...

...but eventually turned around and started coming back.

He still had the pencil and shoe in his hand. This grass is dry so it isn't exactly soft. He didn't seem to care.

In the meantime, the cows kept grazing in the background. They didn't even know that a little guy wanted to visit them.


Anonymous said...

You may need to put GPS on him!
At least he left home prepared. Wonder what he dropped on the way.

Caroline said...

One can certainly tell he is YOUR son, wanderlust and all….
It’s an adventure everyday at your house….

Have a beautiful day!!


flatbow said...

He was merely trying to help the ranch by "branding" the cattle

Anonymous said...

"Dances with cows", or the "Cow whisper", either way, Desert Boy is destined to be a real cowboy. How cool is that?!

Anonymous said...

"Boy with one white shoe."

"Pencil is mightier than the butcher's cleaver."

Lost? Not really. He just wanted to have a cow autograph his shoe.


Anonymous said...

Was he taking along a spare shoe, or was he walking around with only one shoe on?

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