Friday, December 5, 2008

Desert Boy and a Cat

Recently Desert Boy saw this cat and took off towards it. He's been around cats sporadically, and usually they don't like all his attention. I figured I would just watch and see what happened.

He's getting close and the cat is getting nervous, ready to take off. I expect the cat to dash away at any moment.

But instead something else catches Desert Boy's eye and he keeps traipsing past the cat. I can hear the cat's sigh of relief. Whew, no little boy to put up with. I can just relax and do my own thing.

All the commotion attracts some of the horses, who had been grazing out in the field. They like being around people and don't want to miss any of the action.

Here are a couple more coming in to see what's going on.

And for this horse, it's a good reward, a little nuzzle time with Desert Boy. He's not intimidated by these huge creatures, and he usually laughs when they nip his clothes--or Mama. He's growing up to be quite an animal lover. I just am not sure what I'll do when he gets to the stage when he wants to have more pets!


The Incredible Woody said...

Wonder what that horse is whispering in his ear!

Caroline said...

Very cute! Desert Boy has quite the menagerie of friends! Soft and well rounded and fleet of foot.

The little black horse is darling. We used to have one that looked just like him...


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