Friday, August 29, 2008

The Many Faces of Desert Boy

I'm working on a post about some cool beetles, but I realize that I need some more time to research them. So when I need something fast to post about, Desert Boy is always an easy solution. 

One of my brothers said I've posted way too many photos of happy Desert Boy, so today here are some other expressions. Like the one above, where you can see a tired and crying Desert Boy. Maybe he's crying because he is so clean. 

Here's sleepy Desert Boy. The hike wore him out. Wait a minute, he didn't have to do the hiking, why is he so tired?

This is dirty and opinionated Desert Boy. He is not afraid to check out the scene and figure out what he wants.

Take two: Dirty and opinionated Desert Boy.  This is a look I'm seeing more often. His personality is definitely developing.

This Desert Boy doesn't think much of his cousin's music. It won't take him long till he thinks it's cool. (Sorry, that word "cool" just slipped in, and now that it's written I just can't bring myself to go back and delete it.)

Okay, I couldn't help myself, I had to put in one picture of a giggly, happy Desert Boy. It's just one picture, after all


flatbow said...

Here's one of Dboy's uncle's interpretation of the photos:

Photo 1:
"But Mommy, clean clothes are unnatural"
Mom just got finished cleaning him and dressing him after he was having sooo much fun playing in the mud with Henry. Geez, life is unfair!

Photo 2:
(in his dreams) "Man, I could really go for some gold fish cracker right about now. Mmmmmmmm, gold fish crackers."
Life is so rough when hikes consist of being carried over challenging terrain. It wears a man out I tell ya.

Photo 3:
"Hmmm, the mud over here exhibits a taste peculiar to this location. I taste a hint of fish, bass? No, no, carp? Yes, definitely carp. I not yet sure if I prefer the softer consistency of this particular mud over the heaver cuisine back at the house. I shall let mom know which I prefer."
The connoisseur hard at work.

Photo 4:
"The parents NEVER let me do what I want to do!"
Witness rebellious Desert Boy.

Photo 5:
"Here's a shout out to all you Baker residents listening to 98.6 WDBR the Desert Boy Radio..."
With that expression and shirt, I can imagine him being a hit disc jockey.

Photo 6:
"Of course I'm right Mom, I'm always right"
Such a smug face...

Andrew said...

Those captions are spot on!

Desert Survivor said...

Uncle Flatbow,
I think I need to have a caption contest--yours made me laugh a lot!

Anonymous said...

Adorable and hilarious! Thanks D/S and U/F for pix and commentary.


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