Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April Fool's Jokes

 I love April Fool's Day. I feel like it's a fun opportunity to play some nice jokes. It started a few years back, when I read about freezing the kids' cereal. It looks pretty normal, but when they try to eat it, the spoon bounces off the frozen milk.

Here's Desert Boy's expression as he's trying to figure this out (a few years ago).

Desert Girl wasn't too thrilled. But they both got normal cereal and milk a few minutes later and now love to tell the story.

Another year I said we were celebrating the dog's birthday and I had special cupcakes. We even lit candles.

They were special cupcakes, made of meatloaf with mashed sweet potato frosting. Desert Girl wasn't impressed.

The accompanying drink was a hit. Although they couldn't suck anything up the straw, they liked the jello!

Last year I wasn't going to do anything, but the kids asked for some kind of prank. So I did some quick research the night before and found something good. When the kids came to the breakfast table, they found April sitting there, reading the newspaper. We told them that April was kind of shy and didn't talk much. Desert Girl sat there the entire breakfast, eating her cereal, waiting patiently for April to talk. At the end of breakfast, we revealed that April wasn't ever going to talk. Desert Girl was so sad, she had been so happy to have a special visitor!

This year both kids repeatedly said that they weren't going to forget that it was April Fool's Day. So they were all smiles when they opened the refrigerator door and found out that everything was looking back at them. I had glued googly eyes onto all the containers.

Desert Girl liked this one.

Desert Boy went out to do morning chores, and when he came back in, he found a tied envelope on the doorstep. He brought it in, smiling.

He unwrapped it to find an acceptance letter from Hogwarts!

Just in time, as he will be turning 11 soon. He needs to figure out how to train an owl to get his message back, but otherwise I think we can get him to London by 1 September. The list of supplies and books may be a little troublesome, though.

(If you'd like to make your own, this website was incredibly helpful.)

The kids retaliated. They wrapped my computer in saran wrap.

And their uncle had written them a letter with a bunch of suggestions. They used one, and when I unrolled the toilet paper found a bus drawn on it. Later, when we Facetimed my brother, he said his suggestion was to draw a bug, not a bus, on the toilet paper. Maybe next time!

I got in the last joke of the day, serving fried eggs. 
These were made from peach halves on top of yogurt.

 It's never too early to start planning for next year! What are some of your favorite pranks?

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Kate said...

I love the fun, non-messy, clever pranks! Totally stealing the fried egg- that is excellent! One of my favorites in apartments with roommates was to swap the living room furniture with the kitchen/dining room. I can see myself swapping kids' bedrooms while they're at school when we have school age children. Another favorite of mine was swapping the side the hinge of the fridge is on but leaving the handle on the same side. Love it!

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