Friday, December 1, 2017

The Unicorn Trails

 While my brother was here, I knew we had to take him out on the Unicorn Trails. These are newly discovered trails on the ranch. The story is already confused. My story is that I called them the Horse Trails, but that Desert Girl called them the Unicorn Trails and I immediately saw the brilliancy of that name. Desert Girl's story is that her mother is crazy and came up with the name all on her own.

Anyway, the trails are made by my mother-in-law's horses. I realized after our trip to Moab that they would be a great place to practice single track. So far the kids have been a little less than enthusiastic. Fortunately, Desert Girl has realized that this is a way to go visit the unicorns (ahem, horses).

She's a horse lover, so doesn't mind an excuse for more time with them.

Maggie had to get kicked a couple of times, but she eventually learned how to get along with the horses.

And then the unicorn appeared! The horn just blends in with the clouds. Really. Or maybe you can only see the horn if you believe.

We continued through a more difficult section of the Unicorn Trails.

It resulted in a spectacular leap. Wearing zebra leggings definitely helps.

On the way home we had a slight detour. We've been waiting for our swimming hole to dry out so we can turn it into our version of the OK Corral and bike up and down short obstacles. We can ride part of it now.
It's fun to have nearby trails to explore! I'm hoping we will get out more on our bikes, although if winter eventually comes, we might have to postpone that a bit. Nevertheless, we can keep dreaming about the Unicorn Trails and what we might find there.


iamtjc said...

Boy you guys got it made. would Love to live over there again.

Andrea said...

And I notice the spectacular biking shoes on Desert Girl...or maybe unicorn viewing shoes.

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