Monday, November 13, 2017

It Followed Them to School One Day

 So after the county fair in August, we still had one sheep left. It was a little underweight, so we decided to keep it for a couple more weeks. Sheep are very social animals, so we let it into the yard so it could socialize a little more. Then it started following us (and the dog) all over. Including to school one day. It had managed to find a way around a fence and then jumped a cattle guard. I was impressed.

The sheep watched with interest as the school bus came.

I think if our dog had gotten on the bus, the sheep would have too.

The sheep also followed us to the swimming hole. The dog and sheep got along pretty well.

And another day the sheep got out and started following Desert Boy to school.

I even got phone calls one morning, Your sheep is walking down main street.
I headed over there and made sure I had a camera ready!
 Life never gets boring!


Carolyn James said...

To me, it's sad. The animal gets to know people and wants to be a pet, and then it is sold and killed.

David Evans said...

I agree with Carolyn..Except I have access to Fred Meyer's.Safeway..and Walmart....
So, I get it....Don't name your food, is what I've read before...

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