Sunday, September 10, 2017

Exploring the Cedar Breaks-Brian Head Area

 Our Labor Day weekend plans changed at the last minute, and we headed up to Cedar Breaks to meet my brother Ed from Flagstaff. After setting up camp (in an afternoon storm), it was time to head up to Brian Head Peak. It's the easiest peak to summit, since you can drive up it! From the top we had nice views of the town of Brian Head and some of the 70,000-acre wildfire that burned to the northeast from it.

The kids can't resist making funny faces for photos. Fortunately they don't do it all the time.

A few of us biked down the road (the marmots and pika were hiding--be sure to look for them if you go up the peak). After a quick stop at Georg's for a bike fix (great customer service!), we went on to the Twisted Forest. We discovered this last year, and it is such a cool hike that I couldn't wait to go back. The highlight is old bristlecone trees growing on sandstone.

The hike is rather short, but mostly uphill.

Before too long we reached the ridge, with great views. Ed and I walked along it, checking out more trees.

This tree is sure hanging on the edge!

We didn't stay too long, as the storm clouds were building. But it was so neat to see this place again. I'd love to come back and spend more time, just relaxing with the trees and absorbing their energy. Bristlecones make me feel like I can do that!

After a bike ride, my husband headed home and the rest of us went back to Cedar Breaks and ate dinner. Then it was time for a short walk.

The moon was up when we went to bed, but I woke up early and decided to wander. The wildflowers were still great, so I was glad to get some of the northern Milky Way with them.

I wandered more until the sun came up. Next we did a little more exploring before starting a big adventure--a two-day, 10-mile backpacking trip. That's coming up next!


iamtjc said...

Love your Posts. Been following you since your Boy was a Pup.

Desert Survivor said...

Aw, thank you!

David Evans said...

HI! I also have been bumping into your blog now and then. I just want to say I enjoy it. It's fun with pictures and your stories.

Desert Survivor said...

Hi David,
Appreciate your comment! Glad you like the blog.

Gretchen aka Desert Survivor

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