Thursday, August 31, 2017

Birthday Trip to Big Warm Spring at Duckwater

 Ava wanted to go to Big Warm Spring at Duckwater for her tenth birthday, and we fortunately were able to join in. This amazing hot spring is located kind of in the middle of nowhere, but that's part of the charm. I have a previous post that gives a lot more info about the spring.

The kids took turns with the underwater camera.

It was great having goggles and masks to see more.

The water was gorgeous, as always.

And no chlorine, so it doesn't hurt your eyes!

The main spring head is a cave-like hole about ten feet deep.

The older kids started floating down the channel, and I headed after them to see what they were doing. I got distracted by the abundant aquatic vegetation.

And the Railroad Valley springfish.

I couldn't see the kids, but I could hear them...

...they were taking a break just around the corner.

Then they wanted to keep heading downstream.

I stopped to admire the goldenrod. You always know that summer is coming to an end when you see the goldenrod blooming.

We eventually got out and walked back to the main pool. Some of the silt that had been stirred up had settled, allowing for some fun underwater photos.

It was a terrific afternoon! Happy birthday, Ava!

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jhami said...

love the underwater photos! What a great day and I'm so happy we could all meet there

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