Saturday, March 18, 2017

January Roundup

 Oh my, the year is going by fast! Here are some random photos of events in January. First off, ice skating in Salt Lake City. The kids really wanted to do this and had a fun time. Desert Boy thought it was harder than he was expecting, but Desert Girl easier.

It was cool watching the Zamboni

The kindergarteners and first graders waiting at the bus stop, trying to catch snowflakes with their mouths. This was the start of a big storm.

In fact, the storm was so big that we had enough snow that the kids could ski to school! I bet they'll remember that for a long time.

We played in the snow a lot. Desert Boy wanted to be buried.

I like the frosted eyebrow look.

We had tree trimmers work on the trees in our yard. We're hoping that will prevent them from falling over in big windstorms and crushing vehicles and buildings (which others have done in the past). It might also be easier to spot birds! (We're up to 17 species for our backyard bird list for 2017--we'll update the list in a couple weeks.)

I went to Texas and at an absolutely amazing Cajun meal that my friend Cassi suggested--jalapeno stuffed shrimp wrapped with bacon and paired with purple cauliflower. There are not words to describe how scrumptious this was.

It was so good to see Cassi! We usually get to see each other about once a year, and this year it's twice, so especially nice.

We had Desert Girl's birthday party a little early, and she performed magic tricks.

Some of the spellbound audience (at least some of them!)
Some day I'll catch up on getting my blog books printed out. And then some day, when the kids have grown up and left the house, I look forward to reading them and remembering all these wonderful times!

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