Friday, February 3, 2017

Sledding by Too Tall Tony

Another storm came and dumped more snow, and we got a call if we wanted to go sledding. Why not? It was beautiful and a great excuse to go outside! We went up to what we call the Too Tall Tony Hill, which is a pullout with a two-track. The south side is rocky, but once you pop over to the north side, there's a very snowy two-track.

Ava was ready to go.

And then we followed.

Did I mention this is a really long sledding hill? It's super awesome.

More kids were arriving, and they went to the actual Too Tall Tony Hill, a shorter but steeper hill up the road. So we went over to join them.

What's with Too Tall Tony? Oh, he's just a little too tall for his grave, so his legs stick out.

His grave is on an earthen dam that's nice and steep. Desert Girl loved it.

The clouds were drifting by, making the whole scene a little surreal.

Willow's expression is great on this one! She went up and down so many times. If this snowy trend keeps up, we'll be going on lots more sledding trips this winter.

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