Sunday, August 28, 2016

Evening Fun in the Junkyard

 We've visited the junkyard equipment yard a few evenings in the past few weeks. It's a good place to take our rather hyper puppy and explore. The kids love building forts. They have one in the old cattle truck. And another in the back of a pickup bed.

Sometimes I wander around taking photos in the gorgeous light. This is a Say's phoebe.

And the many colors and patterns caught my eye for this tractor wheel.

To the east we saw the mountains that to some look like an owl, and to others a bat silhouette.

Sunflowers are my weak spot, I love these flowers! Some backlighting made this one glow.

The cogs on this wheel caught my attention. It's tied down so can't turn anymore.

My husband often perches up high to keep an eye on the kids. Desert Girl climbs no matter what she's wearing.

 This old car looks like it wouldn't mind going for another ramble.

When friends get to come along, it's even more fun. 

 Any guesses what this is? It's hard from the closeup...'s an old hay wagon, with cogs to move the hay off the back to feed the heifers in winter. And now you know!

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