Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rambles on the Ranch

 One Sunday in early April we went out to explore an old homestead on the ranch. Part of the barn was in good shape.

Desert Boy was eager to climb it.

Inside the kids used the metal detector to look for "treasures." They didn't really find anything, but they liked using some different technology.

For some reason there was part of an airplane nearby. I liked the patterns.

Then it was time to walk along a ditch and search for more treasures. I was hoping to see some wildflowers and interesting birds, but it was a little early in the season.

We found some old irrigation structures that aren't used now.

Seeing these old homesteads makes me reflect on our lifestyle. Even though we live in a place most people would consider really remote, we have it easy. We have Internet access, good roads, and UPS delivery five days a week. The pioneers lived such a different lifestyle, as did the Native Americans who first came to this area about 12,000 years ago.

I don't think I could live much more remote than I do now, I like to interact with different people. Although a few months out in the total boonies would probably be okay. How remote a spot do you think you could live?

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BnT ranch said...

I could live in Baker wonderful place

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