Monday, February 1, 2016

Finding Some Color in the Monochromatic Palette of Winter

 We woke this morning to more than 14 inches of snow in the yard (some places had drifted so were deeper, others had blown so were shallower). The kids had a snow day, so we planned for some fun.

Desert Boy was delighted to work on his snow fort.  He erected a wind barrier.

But I have to admit, even though the snow is beautiful, I crave some more colors than white. And some hints of life. Fortunately, our Christmas cactus is blooming and beautiful.

Desert Girl wanted to plant a pea plant, and it's been slowly growing in my bedroom window. The south-facing window is nice and warm.

The basil is doing really well. I see some pesto in our near future.

The tomato even has some blossoms on it. Just seeing these promises of new life make me smile. Sometimes it only takes simple things! In the past I've tried a grow light and converted our dining room table into a mini-greenhouse, but for now, I'm quite content to just have my window be the garden spot in the house. It's been a snowier winter than usual (hurray!), so I have some time to think about my garden.

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