Sunday, January 3, 2016

Looking Forward to 2016

The Magic Unicorn
So after some thought, I've decided I'm not going to make specific resolutions or challenges for 2016. Whew, after admitting that I feel a sigh of relief. It's not that I'm going to be a total slacker, but I do feel like I need a little more breathing room in my busy schedule.

I want what most people do: good health, good friends, intentional living. I will try to eat more veggies, exercise sufficiently, and be more patient. But making those into resolutions won't get me farther this year. Instead, I will try to simplify and just enjoy the moments around me. Carpe diem, sieze the day. That was our graduating class motto, and I think it's still a fine one.

I will continue to go caving and canyoneering and backpacking and hiking. I plan to learn some new photography tricks. I hope to encourage my kids and husband in their endeavors and be there for them as much as possible.

There is one big new thing for 2016 I will mention: I plan to self-publish a mystery novel. It's in the editing phase now, and as scared as I am to share this story, since it's taken me a couple years to create, I'm also very excited by the prospect of putting it out there for anyone who wants to read it. The book will not become a best-seller, but if I can entertain a few hundred people, that will be enough.

If you're making resolutions, I wish you the best with them. If you're not, have a good year, too!

And to everyone, may your future involve magic unicorns. (The one above can be your first one for 2016.)


Carolyn James said...

I guess you will let us know when it is available, and how we can get it?
Is it set in the desert, or where?

jhami said...

Super cool! I don't know how you write books on top of all the other things you do. You are super woman! Looking forward to reading a great mystery :)

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