Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Lights

It can be hard to get motivated to go outside with cold temperatures and winter storms, but one great excuse is to look at the beautiful Christmas lights. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to walk around Temple Square in Salt Lake City with friends. The light display there is magnificent.

I also loved the luminaries, some done with amazing detail.

But I think my favorite part is looking at the Nativity displays from around the world. They show many different ways to look at the Nativity. I like seeing the cultural nuances. Why not have Mary and Joseph in kimonos?

No one looks very happy in this Nativity scene, and I think baby Jesus really wants to be picked up.

This has to be one of my favorites. Why limit the Nativity scene to the standard animals when you can have a leopard and giraffe and zebra?

I'd like to know more about the figure on the roof and the bird in this Nativity scene.

The various pools around the area make for some great reflections.

Then we went to the top floor of the Joseph Smith building, where there are east and west observing areas. The view from up high was also gorgeous.

A little closer to home was the great display of lights in Delta's central park. The dragon wearing a Santa cap caught my eye.

But watch out, if you get too close, you find out it's a fire-breathing dragon!

Santa is watching over the Delta Fire Department.

There are swans and many decorations hanging from trees.

The whole display certainly makes a very welcoming scene.
I hope you're enjoying Christmas lights too!

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