Friday, November 6, 2015

It Finally Snowed!

 And we interrupt the regularly scheduled trip report for the weather report: SNOW! It finally snowed on November 4. We usually get our first snow in October, but October was unseasonably warm. I am so glad to see the snow, it's another great reason to slow down and take time to refresh, renew, and re-energize. Plus it's so beautiful!

I had to pull over on my way home from work and take some photos of the beautiful snow-covered terrain. It would have been a cold drive in that old vehicle!

Earlier in the day I walked with the kids and our dog to school. It was fun making footprints in the snow!

Then we had a little impromptu snowball fight.

Time to get mom!

The flakes were still flying as we found a nice supply of snow--and nearly depleted it from the picnic table in our ensuing snowball fight.
We're crossing our fingers that El Nino will deliver lots of snow to our area, but we're right on the line of where we may or may not see any effects. We've had several below average snow years, so it would be nice to have an average or even above average one for a change. So now I've written that--let's see if I feel the same way come February!


trav4adventures said...

Are you on the east side of the San Bernardino mountains? That sure looks like the Lucerne Valley!
Cheryl Ann (Palm Springs, CA)

Desert Survivor said...

We're further east. That's cool that it looks like Lucerne Valley!

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