Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bristlecone Hike and Cave Tour

 So what do you do with family when they come? Be silly, of course!

We decided to go hiking to the bristlecones, and stopped at Teresa Lake for a snack and photo break. It's such a nice place for a photo. And Desert Girl likes to practice her photo-taking skills.

 We even got a decent family photo. Well, at least we're all facing the camera!

We continued on with bribes of lunch when we arrived.

After a picnic lunch, it was time to explore the interpretive trail and let the one-year olds stretch their legs.

We still had some energy so headed up to the glacier overlook.

It was beautiful. But what really got our attention was a patch of snow a little ways off the trail.

Desert Girl and her aunt had a lot of fun playing in it.

So much fun that the hike back was a little tiring.

But after naps, everyone was ready for a trip to Lehman Cave.

It is such a beautiful cave.

I tried for some artistic photos.

Then after the cave trip we just had to try fitting through the concrete block. Back when the park gave spelunking tours of Little Muddy Cave (before they figured out it had bad air in summer), prospective spelunkers had to fit through the concrete box prior to the tour to make sure they wouldn't get stuck in the cave. We challenged the kids to go through at the same time. They thought that was fun. It was also rather easy.

So then came the challenge of Desert Boy and an aunt. Now that was a little more challenging! But they managed it.
For more about these attractions, visit the Great Basin National Park website.

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Andrew said...

Love Auntie's caving face

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