Sunday, June 28, 2015

Globemallow Explosion

 A friend posted about the amazing globemallow out in the desert, so I took a drive out one day to go check it out. She was right, it was spectacular. The desert floor was orange as far as the eye could see.

I had fun taking some photos.

Some cool old cars went by on the highway.

Globemallow usually blooms in the spring, but last year it bloomed in October. I guess it takes advantage of moisture. We had a really wet May, so that must have helped make this such a beautiful globemallow season.

It's always such a treat to get a beautiful offering from the normally drab-colored desert.


G. Robison said...

How beautiful! I've never been in Snake Valley when they have been blooming. That's just amazing, and I'm so glad for that late spring moisture.

Alica said...

So pretty! The desert is full of colorful surprises!

jhami said...


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