Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! Schoola and ThredUp Links

Let's help our Planet Earth by making less garbage!  One of my favorite things to reuse are clothes. Most pre-owned clothes have lots of wear left in them.

Recently I've been introduced to two online stores that sell pre-owned clothes, Schoola and ThredUp. I've used both and have been happy with them and recommend them to others. True, finding reusable clothes close to you will be even better for the planet (as shipping causes carbon emissions), but if you aren't finding what you want or you live out in the boonies and don't have nearby thrift stores, these two websites might be a great opportunity. Plus they both have sales right now!

Schoola offers preloved kids clothes at up to 70% off retail with 40% of proceeds benefiting schools.  You can get free shipping with orders over $50, but for a limited time, shipping is free for any size order. Use the link here and you get a $15 credit for your first order.  (And if you invite friends you will also get a $15 credit.) With the $15 credit and free shipping, that means you can get one or two pieces of clothing for free, including shipping!

ThredUp is the largest online consignment and thrift store. They have girls, boys, and women's clothes. Ending at midnight tonight (4/22), you can get 20% off your order, just use code EARTHDAY. By clicking on the link here, you get a $10 credit for your first order. (And if you invite friends you will also get a $10 credit.) They have free shipping on orders over $70 otherwise shipping is $5.99. ThredUp gets clothes by having customers send in clothes to sell. I gave that a try and filled a bag (prepaid shipping) with the specific brands they accept (check their website). What I found is that they are extremely picky and only accept the very best (4 of my 15 items, all of which were in excellent condition). I thought the other clothes I had sent were plenty good to be sold on their website, but apparently they know what sells best (and maybe I'm not as trendy as I thought! ;) Nevertheless, I now have a $12 credit to use with them, donate, or get via Paypal, and that's $12 more than I had before, plus my house is a bit emptier, which is a really nice feeling. Clothes that aren't accepted are passed on to a third-party reseller.

They had some interesting stats on their annual report:

I'm loving that reusing clothes is also saving so much water, especially coming from a water-starved area!

Okay, ready, set, reuse!

Note: affiliate links in this post--you don't pay any extra, but if you click the links and order, I get a small reward that makes me a happier blogger. And a happier blogger means more posts!

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jhami said...

Cool links! I'll keep this in mind next donation

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