Thursday, January 1, 2015

Full Moon Photography Challenge

Don't you love seeing those fantastic photos of the rising full moon over the horizon that seems magical? Yes, me too. Now I just wish I could take one! So what better way to learn than to practice, practice, practice.

Hence, the Full Moon Photography Challenge was born.

Your objective: take a photo of the full moon every month.
Post it on this special Facebook page (if you want).
Check out other photos, and improve!

What you get:

  • Better photography skills (the Facebook page will have links on how to photograph the moon)
  • Better feel for the lunar cycle (a lot of full moons are on Sundays this year!)
  • A great reason to schedule trips during the full moon so that you can get some awesome photos!

What if it's cloudy during the full moon?
Sometimes clouds can accentuate the full moon. Or you might just have to get creative! Although the challenge is for the full moon, if you can't take a full moon photo because of weather, try photographing the moon at a different part of its cycle. Sometimes you can photograph the moon the night before or after the full moon and it still looks full.

Can I use my phone camera?
Yes, we will have guidelines on how to get the best possible photo from your phone camera. 

Does this cost anything?
Nope, it's free!

Where's the best place to take photos of the full moon?
Check out the Facebook page for ideas, plus a list of upcoming full moons. The first one is coming soon, January 5, 2015, so hurry over to get started!

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