Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Children's Museum of Northern Nevada

When we got to Carson City during our fall break vacation, we checked into our hotel, got our bikes, and went for a little bike ride. We enjoyed the Fire Museum (open whenever anyone shows up) and a visit to the state capitol and legislative building. Then the kids put on their costumes and we headed to the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada for some trick-or-treating on Oct 30. 

When we went in and paid our $5 per kid, we found out the flyer we had seen had the wrong time on it, so we were the first ones there by an hour. Fortunately, the nice lady let us in and we had the museum to ourselves for about 20 minutes. Then people started coming in real steady.

Desert Boy played a song on the piano. Hurray, a little piano practice!

The museum is essentially a huge play area in an old gym, with little dividers on the side to separate a play area, a puppet theater area, a doctor's office, and more.

Desert Girl went and sat behind the Governor's desk.

They had done a nice job.

Desert Boy found himself enjoying being a train engineer.

Later he went and climbed the climbing treadmill. It went too slow with just his weight, so he needed a little extra weight to make it become a challenge.

Desert Girl gave it a go too. I was a bit worried that all her dangling stuff might get caught in it, but fortunately that didn't happen.

Desert Girl did a bunch of Halloween craft projects, while Desert Boy joined a group of kids that went all over the building. Then it was time to trick-or-treat up on the stage, where some businesses provided the treats.

The kids really enjoyed it, and it was a good opportunity to check out the museum.

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