Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Collecting Snake Skins

 It had been a little while since I had last been out to the sinkhole, so I decided it was time for a visit. It's late enough in the season that the snakes should be hibernating and it's a good time to look for snake skins that they've molted. I still have not figured out what to do with snake skins, but the kids sure love collecting them. So after piano practice one afternoon I loaded up Desert Boy and a couple of his friends and we were off.

 The August monsoonal rains have left us with an amazing amount of globemallows blooming out on the desert. In some places we see more than in the spring.

The kids scrambled down to the bottom, sometimes sliding. (Sorry, moms, if their pants are a little extra worn!)

Success! Snake skins were all over. The kids wanted the longest one and ones with heads.

It was so easy to find them that they soon each had several.

We couldn't stay too long, but they each had more than they could use.

I found a dead rattlesnake nearby. I'm not sure what killed it, but it looked fairly fresh.

It was a fun trip, and nice to check out a favorite spot. Plus I always enjoy an excuse to be outside and get some fresh air.
What fun local outdoor spot have you visited lately?

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Andrea said...

What does this mean in the contexts of snakeskins "they each had more than they could use"?

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