Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Make the Most of Christmas Giving

How did you fare on Black Friday? Hopefully it wasn't a black and blue Friday for you with tussles over holiday sales! (I was a little sore, but it wasn't from jostling in the stores but rather from the family football game on Thanksgiving!)

Each year we try to figure out how we want to do Christmas. We don't have a set formula yet, and maybe won't ever, so that we can keep it fresh and exciting. Of course it is nice to have some family customs, and one is giving gifts. I don't think the kids will let us forget about that one! Here are some things we're striving for in giving gives this year.

Where to Buy Christmas Presents

1. Make Gifts When Possible
This year we're making quite a few of our gifts. I always appreciate the time and thoughtfulness of a homemade gift. Possible ideas are crafts (the kids love making these!), homemade treats, photo books, and more.

2. Think "Do" not "Stuff"
We are constantly trying to declutter the house, and by the amount of stuff we see in thrift stores, we know we're not the only ones! Giving a gift of doing something (like going to a museum, a special experience, or a nice dinner out) means no clutter but a wonderful memory.

3. Donate 
For the person who has everything, a donation in their name to an organization they support can be the best gift.

4. Buy Local When Possible
It is amazing how much impact a purchase from an individual or small business has compared to one at a big business. In addition, if you buy local, you are reducing the amount of gas needed (and even though prices have come down, they aren't cheap by any means!). Plus you are saving your time!

Craft fairs are common this time of year (Border Inn today, Ely Convention Center on December 7), and a great way to support local individuals, businesses, and groups, and also pick up great Christmas presents.

By the way, today is Small Business Saturday!

5. Buy Fair Trade
If you're looking for a unique gift that can help artisans in other countries, you can try a fair trade store, where the artisans are paid higher wages than selling traditional ways. Here are a few options:

The Shop for Change
Greenheart Shop

Where are your favorite places to shop for Christmas gifts?
Do you have other recommendations for giving? I'd love to hear!


I Am Woody said...

For the girls this year, my SIL asked that we give time and experiences instead of lots of gifts. I have purchased each girl a set of hiking poles and plan to attach 'coupons' good for several hikes in our area :)

Desert Survivor said...

Woody--what a super idea! I bet the girls will be so happy to open that gift and look forward to adventures with you!

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