Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Earth Balls

What can I say, I never know what I'm going to write about. And you, dear reader, are sweet to come and visit to read the ramblings of the day. You never know how your life may be warped changed by the few minutes you spend here.

I say this as a preamble before diving into my topic for the day: Earth Balls. What? you may be asking. Perhaps she's really gone over the edge this time.

I must admit that too much cold, too much inside time, and rambunctious kids has us looking for extra activities. When the Bookmobile came last week, I happened upon a book about Geology Crafts. I couldn't resist. And the first craft we decided to try was:
 Earth Balls!

The basic idea was to make an edible earth with layers to better be able to understand what makes up the earth.
 Peanut butter was a main ingredient. Like how Desert Boy flings it? It was mixed with a little oats, cocoa (because we were out of powered milk), and honey to make the mantle.

 The next step was to make a hole in the mantle.

 Then it was time to add the magma (raspberry jam) and the core (a chocolate chip).

 Next it was time to put two halves together to assemble the earth. A couple of them had some very active volcano zones. (How do you like those fingers?)

Not to worry, the active volcano zones along with the rest of the mantle were covered up with the crust (graham cracker crumbs).

Don't those look like beautiful earths?

Next came the fun part: cut one in half to see all the layers.

Some turned out better than others as far as visual appeal. But overall, they turned out to be tasty treats. I'm not sure if Desert Boy learned much, but he did appreciate the snack and some fun time with Dad.


Alica said...

What a fun idea...my kids would have loved these too.

The Incredible Woody said...

What a fun idea!

I like those fingers very much - they look a lot like Vol Fan's. :)

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