Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preschool Fun

 Preschool has been back in session for awhile, and Desert Girl absolutely loves it. Actually, Desert Boy comments that he wishes he could go. He really liked all the playing and different toys. Teacher Gwendy says that most kids say they wish they could go back. You'll see why in this post.

On my carpool day this week, we had a good crowd, so I started taking some photos.

 The six bigger kids from last year are all in kindergarten this year, so it makes for a younger and calmer preschool group this year. The kids are still learning how to get along, but they do pretty well. Here Desert Girl and Isaac take the baby for a shopping trip.

 One of the best things the kids learn at preschool is that they have to put away one activity before they can get out another. I try to reinforce that at home--but it doesn't always work. Some may think that my house has had a windy fall storm go through it. It has, that storm is just named kids!

 This was Ariel's first day at school, and I think she liked it a lot.

 These two are always busy. When they get quiet, you know that they are into something they're not supposed to be into.

 Evan was kindly showing Andie how to do this puzzle. He's the big kid in the class now.

 When it was time for group, they all sat down so nicely and reviewed the colors and numbers and alphabet. The repetition works--Desert Girl sings the ABCs all the time, until we kindly ask her to pick a different song.

 It's quite an experience watching them all, seeing how much their young minds can absorb.

 Ella is one of the older ones and helps the younger ones learn.

 I took a couple videos with my camera that I now have to figure out how to reduce in size to get onto YouTube. I also took a few stills, like this one of I'm Taking My Home My Baby Bumblebee.
 The answer was three--both the boys got it right. Isaac looks like he's still checking his fingers.

 Then it's time to do their papers. They eagerly run over to the table and find a seat. The special number for the day was number "1".

 Then it's snack time and recess. Who wouldn't like preschool? In fact, I think I'm ready to go back. As you can see by the long sleeves, it's starting to cool off. Our unseasonably warm autumn is about to come to an end. We've had a strange weather year this year, but overall I have to say that it's been pleasant.

 Throwing balls was a favorite activity on this day.

 Ariel had her mom give her a push on this colorful tricycle.

 More ball playing.

 Ariel really wanted me to take her photo.

Then we decided to try for a group shot. These are always so hard to do, as the kids don't really want to sit still and look at the camera at the same time. I've yet to figure out how to do it successfully. With that disclaimer, here's the best one of the bunch:
 Maybe we'll have to try at the beginning of recess next time!

And just in case you don't believe me that it's the best one, check out this photo (where we admittedly let them make faces):

 'Are we done yet?'


The Incredible Woody said...

Love the group shots! I've found that some of the best photos come in the midst of letting them make funny faces. I'll have them do a mean face or scary face or sad face. They usually laugh and smile like crazy between 'faces' :)

jhami said...

lol This post makes me smile. Sweet joys of childhood :)

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