Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preschool Games

 It seems like I have taken a lot of photos at preschool but don't get around to posting them very often. Here are some scenes from a couple (few?) weeks ago. The kids were really intrigued by this game where they put the shapes into spaces, then set the timer and wait for it to pop up.

The little girls cooperated for a bit with a puzzle. I like how they are both holding other things with their non-puzzle hand.

In other news, we did a major clean up of one of our sheds today. I didn't manage to take any photos, but we did manage to throw away tons of stuff. Well maybe not tons, but I did get a good workout. My husband also leveled the building so it doesn't have one corner a foot lower than the other. That's quite nice. We found three little chalk boards, so we decided that the shed is now going to become our own little school. Desert Boy can't wait to get started. We'll have to find some chalk first, but hey, why sweat the little details?!


The Incredible Woody said...

I love all the smiles!!

We cleaned out the garage and started on the attic today. Wow! What a workout!

jhami said...

Those photos are great! That shed with make a perfect schoolhouse! lol :D Can't wait until Ava and Isaac attend a lesson there!

Annette said...

Cute pictures!

Altax said...

Lovely pictures and cute kids.

Preschool Games

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