Saturday, December 24, 2011

School Christmas Program

  The local elementary schools had their Christmas program Tuesday evening, and the preschool kids (with a couple helpers) started off the evening singing a couple songs. Desert Boy belted it out, but I'm not sure if Desert Girl ever opened her mouth!

 Those cherubic cheeks just make me want to pinch them! They won't have them for much longer.

 I'm not sure if they weren't hitting the right notes or if there was something else of concern to make Ava and Emma look so worried.
 Fortunately it turned out okay!
 Afterwards, the kids went and sat on the gym mats. They goofed around, and I thought this was a good "See no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil" pose. Or something like that.

 Next up was K-2. Yep, this is the whole class (minus one) for those three grades. Have I mentioned we live out in the boonies?

 Oops, I got distracted by my mega-cute niece Kayli.

 Time to watch the elementary school play, about inventions. It was fun to watch.

 Grades 3-6 went next. I think there are 17 students in that school, all in one classroom. They did a nice job and had fun with the fancy microphones.

 Megan and Melanie were obviously having a good time.

 Desert Girl always likes to visit her babysitter when she has a chance!

 Then Santa arrived, to the merriment of all the kids.

 Well, almost all the kids. Desert Girl wasn't too sure about getting close to Santa, even with Grandma's urging.

 Meanwhile, Desert Boy had no qualms about plopping down and telling Santa his whole list.

Hmmm, still thinking!

It was a great evening.
Tonight we're going to the children's Nativity play, which both kids are supposed to be a part of. It's always so cute to watch them.

We hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

2 comments: said...

How I love Sta. Claus!

Lori Browning said...

I love, love, love the worried expressions on their faces while on stage. I must say I can't blame them - I never did like to perform either!

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