Thursday, September 29, 2011


 While I was out walking last week, I saw a corn field and couldn't resist the urge to go mingle with the corn. I suppose it might have something to do with growing up in the Midwest surrounded by corn fields. I love corn!

 According to my husband, our fields are about a month behind the fields in the Midwest (or at least those in northern Illinois, which we got to visit in August). We are hoping that hard freezes will be delayed so that the corn can fully mature. This last week has been absolutely beautiful, but the weather folks are saying we're in for a change this weekend.

 This is field corn, which will be used for feeding cows. I've already harvested most of the sweet corn out of my garden.

 Since the corn fields out here are mostly in pivot circles, it's hard to get a photo of a long row of corn!

I feel like I should say more about corn, but I can't figure out what to say. If I were feeling more ambitious I could research the history of corn, talk about all the varieties of corn, the use of roundup ready corn, corn diseases, where corn is grown, how corn is used, etc. But it's really early in the morning and I'm not feeling that ambitious, so I'll just have to leave you with this: I love corn!


jendoop said...

This morning someone in my church congregation posted about his corn harvest yesterday. I thought you might like to compare notes-
"combined corn tonight. Finished the shorter-season corn. 19% moisture; yielding about 120 bushels per acre."

Here in Iowa it's all about corn and pork!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love corn too! And there truly is nothing more beautiful than a field of corn waving in the wind:)

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