Monday, August 15, 2011

A Walk to the Lakes

On Saturday we joined some friends to do the lakes loop trail. It starts at nearly 10,000 feet elevation and is about 2.7 miles long. Our goal was to make the three- and four-year olds walk the entire way.

The first destination was Stella Lake, and although Desert Boy is usually a good hiker, he didn't eat enough for breakfast and complained almost all the way there. I was wondering if we were going to make it!

Fortunately we did! The photo above shows some of the historic dam that was built to increase Stella Lake's capacity.
It was warm and we wanted some shade and other hikers had claimed spots in the nearby shade, so we decided to go for an "adventure walk" and go to the other end of the lake.

The clouds were so neat!

We finally made it and found a nice spot under these Engelmann spruce. I had visited them in April and May to put a camera up to photograph the lake and help determine when the ice melted off it. Do you see the camera in the photo? Look about halfway up the bigger tree on the left. Yep, it was 15 feet off the ground. I managed to climb up to it, but I didn't have a very good purchase so couldn't stay there long.

Meanwhile the kids were having fun seeing how far they could wade into the lake before they got yelled at. Fortunately they could be redirected by throwing rocks in the lake. Then it was a game of throwing rocks while you were as close to the lake's edge as possible (or in it).

After consuming copious snacks, the munchkins were ready to continue. They were oh-so-cute as they joined hands and headed up the hill.

Desert Boy had chosen to wear one of Desert Girl's socks, which wasn't working out so well for him. Charlie didn't mind an extra stop.

Desert Girl loved hiking with Nomi. She held her hand for a long way.

We found lots of trees that had fallen, and the kids liked looking at the roots. Even though the trees are so tall, they sure have shallow roots!

Desert Girl liked hiking the downhill bits best.

Then it was time for another adventure--crossing a log over a small stream.

This led to another camera high up on the tree.

It was overlooking Teresa Lake. I had never seen it so high and aquamarine-colored in August as that day. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The datalogger we have in the lake and are scheduled to get the end of September might only be reachable by snorkeling. I'm not sure if any one is ready to volunteer for that!

After more snacks, it was time to go again. Charlie liked driving his motorcycle down the trail. Desert Boy interrupted the normal forest noises with his loud train whistle. Brandon was the best hiker, never complaining. All of them hiked the entire way.

When we got back, the kids found instant entertainment in the water fountain. Even though we hadn't let them swim in the lakes (which they wanted to do), they found a way to get soaking wet!


The Incredible Woody said...

What a fabulous day! Awesome that they hiked the entire way:) Those lakes are just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I volunteer to snorkel Theresa Lake! :) Can't be far of a swim even if it is near freezing.

Delighted that the kids had a chance to get soaking wet.


g said...

Loved the last pic with Desert Girl staring at her feet. too funny

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