Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tree House Expansion

 The tree house is looking splendid now that the leaves have sprouted, and Desert Boy spends more and more time there. He takes his honored guests to the tree house to hang out, and some of those honored guests have left their mark.

 Ernesto was one of the recent visitors, and I snuck in through the back to see what the boys were doing.

 You see, not only is there a back fire escape (which requires crawling), but there's also the new tire room, complete with balancing boards.

 It provides lots of fun, plus it's nice and shady.

 Desert Girl isn't about to be left out! She can climb into the tree house all by herself. She still has to learn to get down, but that doesn't seem to bother her much.

 Ernesto coming in from the back fire escape.

 Ernesto wanted to work on the tree house, too, so we found a hammer and nails and he started hammering away.

 He might need a little more practice. But at least no one went home with bruised fingers!

 Construction activities were monitored by Desert Girl.

And sometimes she stole the nails.

 Desert Boy decided to hang a horseshoe on the nail. When I told him that he should hang it the other direction for good luck, he told me,

"No, this is the way I want it."

He can be opinionated like that. After all, we should keep in mind what else he has said:

"I'm four, and I know everything."

Sometimes I find that it's very hard to keep from laughing.

Meanwhile, Desert Girl is getting on the talking wagon. Her favorite words are apple, cow, moo, cat, meow, dog, agua, uh-oh, oops, and mama. She's getting better at imitating words and phrases, so we have to be more careful about what we say. Or maybe we'll just send her out to the tree house to play!


Dessert Survivor said...

I thought it was when they were 15 that kids knew everything. Desert Boy is a child prodigy--he is eleven years early.

flatbow said...

When are they putting in the hot tub?

Oriental Rug Cleaning said...

It looks great. The leaves make tree house even more beautiful.

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