Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Backyard Biodiversity Challenge #3 - Mammals and More

How are you doing with your birds?

Since I last posted, I've noticed American robins and collared doves (which were around earlier in the winter, I just didn't notice them the days I was looking around the yard). Yellow-headed Blackbirds are back in force, just flying by our house to get to the wetter areas. They are so colorful. It's too bad they're not found in Indiana, as with their black and yellow coloring they are perfect for Purdue.

We've been seeing baby Great Horned Owls in the yard. One morning Desert Boy was waiting for me outside. When I came out the door, he pointed up at the roof, and said, "Look, Mom."

I looked up and saw two baby owls on the roof, one with a mouse in its mouth. So cool.

Yellow-rumped Warblers and Yellow Warblers are hanging out. Due to all the snow up high, I'm hearing a lot of Pine Siskins still. And we found a dead Cedar Waxwing on the grass, not sure what happened. The ants are eating it now.
Anyway, keep recording your birds.

And here's Backyard Biodiversity Challenge #3:

What mammals, amphibians, and fish live in or visit your backyard?

It might be hard to see the mammals, but perhaps you can find sign of them. Rabbit pellets? Raccoons knocking over garbage cans? Gopher holes? Mouse droppings in the garage?

Are you hearing any spring peepers? This is a great time of year to listen for frogs.

Unless you have a pond or stream in your backyard, it might be difficult to get anything from this class of organisms. But hey, once in awhile it's nice to have an easy category!

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trav4adventures said...

I've been feeding the birds in our back yard since we've had a scrub jay in the front yard. Now he has two places to feed. I've also seen Towhees, Orioles, morning doves, and of course, the jay.

As for other critters, we have a family of geckos who live out back also and they crawl up our kitchen window screen at night to eat moths that are attracted by our kitchen light. I've actually heard them chirp!

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