Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goin' Fishin' Part Two

Last weekend we decided to go fishing--but not using Desert Boy's earlier method (with a bucket). We went out to a spring-fed pond. We weren't sure what fish were in there besides carp, but we thought we'd give it a try. Plus it was a good excuse to get out of the house.

Henry wasn't particularly helpful. He thought it was fun to chase the hook, get in the mud, and then shake himself off near us. We kept expecting we'd have to untangle him.

Desert Boy was eager to learn how to use a rod and reel.

We didn't catch anything, but Desert Boy can't wait to go again. It's cold this weekend, feeling like winter, so unless we want to do some ice fishing this weekend, we might have to wait a few months.


The Incredible Woody said...

What a fun day!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful portrait of father and son!

Sliv said...

I agree

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