Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Checking Hay

We were supposed to have lots of rain last night and today, but so far nary a drop has fallen down in the valley. We have gotten plenty of wind, though. And in preparation for the supposed deluge (well, California and Reno got it), my husband has been working hard to try to get they hay up. Cut hay and rain are not a good combination.

Desert Boy and I went along one afternoon on a hay checking expedition. I've learned never to go on one of these trips unless I have some reading material and/or my camera with me. They're a little tedious and always take longer than my husband says.

I was content to stay by the truck, but Desert Boy wanted to go follow his Daddy, so he hiked out into the alfalfa field and started following him around.

Soon it was time to go check hay in a different row. Desert Boy likes to hold onto someone's hand (unlike his independent, younger cousin!).

He also likes to be carried, and he managed to convince Daddy to pick him up.

Then it was time to flip over some more hay and check its moisture content. They hay has to be just right to make the best bales.

Desert Boy sorta looks like he knows what he's doing!

Then it's time to head back to the truck. Desert Boy starts out walking all confident-like.

Then it's time to hold onto Daddy's hand.

And then the other hand.

And, uh-oh, he's convinced Daddy to pick him up again.

Apparently checking hay is tough work for a two-year old.


Anonymous said...

DB's cousin occasionally holds hands now. But certainly not as much as DB himself.


jendoop said...

That's how a boy becomes a rancher! Thanks for sharing it, what a nice family moment.

A said...

Looks like checking hay is tough work for a Daddy, too, if DB gets a ride!

Caroline said...

Adorable pictures! Desert Boy is becoming a man (little man)!


Janille said...

I've also learned to bring along "entertainment" ;)

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