Friday, March 27, 2009

Desert Boy Updates and More

Here's our beautiful apricot tree, all blossomed out. This morning it was 19 degrees. Brrrr. The tree used to have wonderful apricot crops, but I'm wondering if we'll just have to remember them instead of experience them. I am already lamenting the loss of the apricots--can you feel my pain?

Okay, better move on. I took Desert Boy to preschool for a couple hours this week. He loves to go and play with the bigger kids, try out new toys, and draw with markers.

He's very serious about drawing. And he's so proud he can get the lids off the markers by himself. I am keeping the markers in our house hidden--I don't think I'm ready for new decorations.

Putting the lids back on the markers isn't always so easy, and the face he makes gets a grin from Teacher Gwendy.

At recess time, Desert Boy hangs out with the girls on the swing. It's fun watching him try to imitate what the older kids do. Physically he can run around with them, climb up the slide, ride the bikes. But verbally he is still talking in one-word phrases and his own language that no one quite understands. "Backhoe" is a a frequently uttered word.

Pre-school wore him out, so when I got Desert Boy home I put him on his bed. I was washing sheets, so I laid him on a blanket, but he managed to scooch until he was nearly off the bed. That didn't stop him from sleeping.

Do you think you could sleep in this position?

Here's how we're progressing with toilet training. 

The bowl makes a rather nice hat, doesn't it?


Ed said...

What a pooper... literally!

Germaine S said...

oooh, I feel your pain over the loss of the apricots. So sad.

Desert Boy makes me laugh. He brings back memories, especially sleeping in strange positions and strange places. He isn't as bad as his Uncle Matt who would fall asleep with his cheeks full of food. I think that he was part squirrel : )

jendoop said...

It is sad about your apricots. When I visited my maternal grandparents in northern Utah a few years ago they had apricots. I picked a ton and carefully took them all the way back to Indiana with me to make jam. They are a valueable commodity!

You are smart to keep the markers hidden. We have lovely artwork all over the house because the older kids use markers and crayons. You will become very familiar with magic erasers -they are indeed magic for cleaning up after budding artists.

flatbow said...

Wow, the faces he makes are hilarious, especially when trying to get the marker caps back on. And yes, he does remind me of my younger years when I could sleep anywhere (usually on the steps, under the bed, or in the tiny crack between the mattress and wall). Wish I still had that ability.

The Incredible Woody said...

That is one tired boy. Sounds like it is time to invest in some washable markers;)

PS - I'm feelin' the pain!

Peter said...

Good luck on toilet training! I wish you the best with much less mess.


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